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Classes and Services

Spring Classes are just starting!

Oh, wait.... are they??

If you are feeling like me, this winter seemed endless coupled with all the craziness on the Earth right now, you are not alone. As we move together into this new world of online connections, I want to continue to share my knowledge and stay connected with you.

 You may have dusted off some projects that were on your to-do list, started something completely new or you may be taking this time to rest your soul. Whatever your situation, it is yours and I hope you do not feel pressure to be anything but you. 

Everyone is on their own journey, together.

For me, I got a message from my co-worker that our production was shut down effective immediately. No notice, just no more work. Within about a week or so all film and television production shut down indefinitely. I was in such shock and panic at times. How? What? Who?

It took me some time to flatten my own panic curve but, in the process I saw some opportunities to continue with some projects I had started YEARS ago.

As a passionate 'multi-prenure', I feel I have to continue to create and share. I love applying makeup and teaching my clients how to apply products to enhance their own beautiful features, giving their confidence a huge boost! I know we won't be able to do these sessions in person for some time, so want to offer you some online session either in a group or in a personal one on one session!

Secondly, I am moving forward with recording a series of video tutorials as I know one on one can be intimidating to some. I promise my videos will be amateur but I be working hard to improve the quality as we go, your patience and support is much appreciated in advance! These will posted on my site here as well as on my social media pages.

As always, please feel free to reach out and connect with me with anything!

Michelle- xoxo



Eyebrow Design Shape up! The eyebrow is one of the most important elements of your face. We will explore finding your ‘look’ with the right products and tools to suit your face shape, skin tone and hair colour to achieve a perfectly arched brow.

Face Contouring Maybe you have seen a video or 10 on this subject and have given it a go only to find you look like a Drag Queen! Learn the correct placement, colours and tools for a subtle day look to a more dramatic evening style. 

Lips and Cheeks Pucker up ladies! Are you looking for fuller lips, a more defined cheekbone or finding a great colour combination? This class will teach you some professional secrets to plumping up those lips and enhancing those cheeks. 

Liquid Eyeliner and Lashes Cat eye! Liquid or cream eyeliner can give a very unique and defined look to your eye. Combine it with a set of false lashes and you are ready for anything! Many women find it tricky to navigate eye shapes, products and tool combinations on their own. This module will give you all you need to know to create the perfect liner and lash style for your unique eye shape. 

Foundation and Concealer One of the most important essentials of a beautiful makeup is a perfect foundation and concealer combination. Finding the right product and then the right color can be a daunting and expensive task if you choose wrong. Here we will discover your skin type, skin prep and match a foundation/ concealer/ powder perfectly customized to you.

Girls Night Out! Plan your own private party with friends and customized to your own desires. An online party with your friends can be totally hilarious