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Spring Classes are about to start!

If you are feeling like me, this winter seemed endless and with that can come a challenge in getting inspired. It finally feels as though spring has arrived and is not going anywhere. I have been talking a lot with the women in our community and they feel it's time for a Spring Cleaning of their makeup routine and are inspired to try some new techniques and freshen up their makeup bags.
I am very excited to share with you my passion for teaching and have created a line up of classes I hope fills everyones needs!

Eyebrow Design Shape up! The eyebrow is one of the most important elements of your face. We will explore finding your ‘look’ with the right products and tools to suit your face shape, skin tone and hair colour to achieve a perfectly arched brow.

Face Contouring Maybe you have seen a video or 10 on this subject and have given it a go only to find you look like a Drag Queen! Learn the correct placement, colours and tools for a subtle day look to a more dramatic evening style. 

Lips and Cheeks Pucker up ladies! Are you looking for fuller lips, a more defined cheekbone or finding a great colour combination? This class will teach you some professional secrets to plumping up those lips and enhancing those cheeks. 

Liquid Eyeliner and Lashes Cat eye! Liquid or cream eyeliner can give a very unique and defined look to your eye. Combine it with a set of false lashes and you are ready for anything! Many women find it tricky to navigate eye shapes, products and tool combinations on their own. This module will give you all you need to know to create the perfect liner and lash style for your unique eye shape. 

Foundation and Concealer One of the most important essentials of a beautiful makeup is a perfect foundation and concealer combination. Finding the right product and then the right color can be a daunting and expensive task if you choose wrong. Here we will discover your skin type, skin prep and match a foundation/ concealer/ powder perfectly customized to you.

Girls Night Out! Plan your own private party with friends and customized to your own desires. Be sure to book it on an evening you’ll be able to go out and enjoy your new looks afterwards! (special pricing)


 Please email or call with the classes you are interested in.

(605) 845-7173